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Send Happy Mail is simply about making people happy! Encouraging people to reach out to each other and make life a little better... make someone’s day a little brighter! E-communication can convey a quick “hello” or “what are you doing”, but ever try to send a pair of fuzzy socks in an email?... tweet a homemade chocolate chip cookie?... or attach a handwritten “I love you” with a heart made in your special pink to a blog?

My motto has always been, “Leave people better than you find them”... sending HAPPY MAIL cards or packages always leaves the person better than you found them... it makes them feel special... it makes them feel loved... it makes them feel HAPPY. Everyone’s life could use a little more HAPPY...

It’s easy! Just put a HAPPY MAIL STICKER on your favorite stationery, Flat Rate box, FedEx mailer, greeting card, or whatever you want and send it!

The sticker will let people know as soon as they see it that they are getting HAPPY MAIL mail and it will let the person delivering it know you are supporting them!

Let's see if we can get one million people to send HAPPY MAIL cards, letters, and packages! Imagine what a difference the simple act of sending something in the mail can make for each person who touches it... you, the person sorting it, the person who delivers it, and the person receiving it... now imagine that happening over ONE MILLION TIMES! It's a revolution!... A HAPPY REVOLUTION! Join us today! Each package of stickers will COUNT YOU IN!

HAPPY MAIL is a registered trademark exclusively licensed to Send Happy Mail LLC, and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.