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About Happy Mail

Send Happy Mail LLC is a Colorado-based company focused on making the world a little brighter and life a little happier. Our goal is to encourage people to reconnect with each other again…

Every day we go to the mailbox, grab the stack inside and start looking. But what are we hoping to find? We shuffle past the bills and the ADs looking for something personal, something fun, something happy! A card, letter, or package. That’s it!

Whether we realize it or not, we are all looking for some HAPPY MAIL!

Our motto is: Always leave people better than you find them.
Sending HAPPY MAIL always leaves people better than you found them.
It makes them feel special. It makes them feel loved. It makes them feel happy.
Everyone’s life could use a little more happy.


How it all started. . .

Many years ago, life circumstances took me far away from my native Colorado. It was a challenging time in a new place and I didn’t know a soul.  At the same time, my grandma was facing difficult challenges of her own back in Colorado.  We were both struggling to stay positive.  With the hope of cheering each other up, we started sending things in the mail.  Cards, letters, fun packages—they connected us to each other over the distance.
I told her that I always looked forward to the mail coming so I could see if I had any happy mail. I explained that each day I went to the mailbox and shuffled through the stack to see if there was anything from her – because her mail made me happy.  From that point on, we wrote Happy Mail on the things we sent to each other.  I LOVE HAPPY MAIL!
I miss her very much.
HAPPY MAIL is a registered trademark exclusively licensed to Send Happy Mail LLC,
any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.